Vincent Sheppard

Furniture: Vincent Sheppard

An original creative collection with a distinctive design, suitable for contemporary or classic interiors and available in a wide range of paint colours.

Vincent Sheppard is a Belgian furniture company specialised in producing paper woven Lloyd Loom furniture.They produce high quality furniture made from a traditional product often combined with new sustainable products.

Made of durable materials in the genuine Lloyd Loom tradition, such as Kraft paper, rattan, beech and metal wire, every Vincent Sheppard chair is still made by hand using the traditional Lloyd Loom method in their production plant.

Vincent Sheppard has a very broad collection, ranging from dining chairs, sofas, to beds and loungers. The range exists out of both Indoor and Outdoor quality furniture. Most of the chairs have cushions available too, where you can choose matching or contrast piping.

A Vincent Sheppard model has a distinguished design, true to the idea that quality and comfort should go hand in hand with design and beauty. Eco friendly furniture with a distinctly recognisable design, focused on comfort, which truly adds character and charisma to an interior or setting.


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    A Vincent Sheppard model truly adds character and charisma to an interior or setting.