Furniture: Peressini

Peressini product a huge range of quality modern and new-classic tables, chairs and barstools.

Back in 1953 our father Giacomo started the family tradition producing and selling chairs and tables..

Today the new PERESSINI CASA SRL melts that local tradition with modern globalization. The result is a young and fast moving structure which perfectly adapts to the need of every customer proposing a collection of modern and elegant models, designed together with their customers and designers and wisely produced to meet global market requirements.

Thanks to the experience built in many years production facilities are spread in several countries but  all components are then concentrated into the Peressini logistic centre, based in the North East of Italy, the heart of modern Europe, where they apply all the final labour, quality controls and packaging, guarantee of Italian reliability.

All these elements make our products highly appreciated all over Europe and further.

At Stylehome we have many Peressini products on display including a huge choice of quality chairs and bar stools  formed from wood, metal or polypropylene, and upholstered in a wide range of their own fabrics, leather or customers own fabric.

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    A collection of modern and elegant models, appreciated all over Europe.