Soft furnishings: Rugs

Enjoy the diverse selection of rugs at Stylehome available in a variety of textures, sizes and colours.

Choose from a variety of pile length options, softness of material size and colour to best suit your room and furniture. At Stylehome you will find the best in funky contemporary designs, in either real Wool, tufted viscose, vibrant woven plastic or the more economical and easy to clean Polypropylene.

We have rugs with a sophisticated, contemporary and international flavour from top maufacturers such as Designers guild, Arte Espina, Jacaranda, Alternative flooring and GP&J Baker. Allowing you the opportunity to select any style and colour combination from a wide colour palette to match the exact requirements of your scheme.

Down a hallway, through the foyer, or in between rooms, runner rugs can lead the eye and pull together multiple rooms. Use a runner or a small rug with graphic statement or a colourful pattern to define an area of interest. Round rugs can help soften a square angular space. Whether you’re into bright colours or edgy prints a round rug is also well suited to a round dining or coffee table as it helps frame the shape.

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    Each rug is like a jewel…