Flooring: Carpet

Carpet has been around for a long time, progressing from its purely functional origins as a warmth provider to products of today, which can also offer a defining foundation for our interior schemes, in our homes, our workplaces and in the places we stay and relax.

Carpets offer practical and environmental benefits. They are aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, comfortable, luxurious and warm. Carpets provide heat insulation and can generate significant energy savings. They create a safe environment providing a non-slip surface, and the ability to soften any impact. Carpets absorb airborne pollutants to give better air quality indoors; they are easy to clean and they reduce noise rather than magnifying it.

A new carpet is an investment, here are some handy hints before choosing your carpet:

Suitability – how much wear will your carpet receive? The hall, stairs and landing will need a heavier wearing carpet than the bedroom.
Longevity – how long do you reasonably expect your carpet to last?
Budget – how much can you afford? Don’t forget the cost of fitting and underlay.
Decoration – are you matching the carpet to a particular scheme and what are your future decorating plans? It may be wise to choose your carpet early in the pricess but install it last.

At Stylehome we have ranges from many different manufacturers – all chosen for their quality and value and as with all our products and services – Stylehome will give you valuable advice based upon years of experience.

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    “aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, comfortable, luxurious and warm”