Flooring: Jacaranda

The ultimate in texture, and sumptuously deep pile carpets and rugs!

At Jacaranda the aim is to offer carpets and rugs of real character, they have moved towards natural materials woven by traditional methods. They believe it is these labour intensive processes that actually create the ‘characterful’ textures and wonderful, natural colour bank.

Jacaranda carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures, with that slight quirkiness and irregularity that can only be handmade. From chunky boucles and bold stripes to smooth, dense, luxurious heavy velvets their carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile, but never boring.

Hand-knotted from pure Chinese silk or wool sourced from the high plateaux of Tibet, they weave carpets from high quality New Zealand wool, but also from undyed wools chosen from around the globe for their natural colours.

Jacaranda have a huge range with subtlety of natural hues giving an ability to make a statement or to fit naturally into a wide range of interiors, both contemporary and traditional. They can look stylish but timeless. They are easy to live with too.

Many of the products are handmade not mass produced, these floor coverings are woven on traditional wooden looms that require no electricity or are knotted by hand. Woven mainly from pure wool and natural fibres, which are left undyed where possible.

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