Flooring: Marmoleum

Marmoleum is the worlds best known linoleum brand recognised for its classic marbled effect. It is a superior floor covering designed to suit all needs with increased value and safety aspects, easy to clean, durable and kind to the environment.

Marmoleum is associated with durability, high quality and beautiful, innovative design with a proven track record of over 100 years of continuous production. It is resistant to cigarette burns and is easy to clean and maintain. With a life expectancy of over 25 years this floor covering is one that withstands heavy use in all kinds of situations yet at the same time retains its pleasing aesthetics without costing the earth to clean.

Made from natural and renewable floor materials, Linoleum has always been kind to the environment. Linseed oil, obtained from the flax plant is the key raw material in linoleum. Rosin and wood flour are the natural binding agents, limestone is used to give density and natural pigments are used for colouring.

It looks fantastic and with more colours, shades & tones than ever before you can be sure to choose the perfect product for any private or public space. Textures vary from heavily marbled effects to simple colours and striking contemporary designs.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, and offering a spectrum of over 90 colours across the Real, Vivace and Fresco ranges – from natural hues to the bright and bold – the Marmoleum Marbled range combines both subtle and striking marbled effects to create a range that provides the perfect backdrop for any commercial interior.

Marmoleum modular offers you the possibility to create the floor of your choice. The collection invites you to easily combine and connect various shapes, sizes and colours of tiles to develop a completely new and unique flooring design.

Moving away from the more subtle marbled effects, the boldness of Graphic is ideal for architectonic statements and combining materials, while the dualism of neutral and outspoken colours in the Piano range is designed for playful combinations.


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    A vast array of colours, combining stronger and subtler marbled patterns together