Window dressings: Curtains

There are so many different ways to decorate a window and at Stylehome we offer exceptional fabrics and an array of options along with expertise based on years of experience. If you are looking for inspiration or advice then we are happy to help!

The main factors to consider are; the fabric, the heading, the lining (if required), the fullness, the length and the method of hanging (eg: pole, track etc). However there are some simple ways to achieve a particular style.

For a contemporary curtain heading try tab tops or eyelets, or the “Wave” effect from Silent Gliss. Each of these will create a contemporary look, giving a slim line and a smooth effect. For a more traditionalcurtain treatment then a Gathered curtain heading will shape the fabric into loose pleats, giving a full curtain with an informal style. Pencil pleat curtains create a formal gathered effect – longer, tightly packed ‘pleats’ at the top of the curtain. They are a very practical curtain decorating idea, but give a very neat, ordered finish. Box Pleat Curtains have a pleated heading, using wider, rectangular pleats. This is quite smooth and minimal looking so this style would suit a modern home really well. French Pleat or Pinch PleatCurtains are another pleated style curtain heading. This time the pleats are arranged in groups of 3 pleats, alternating with larger flattened areas. This is a very attractive and formal curtain decorating idea – but it can be very practical too – as the pleats mean that the curtain falls into very neat, ordered, full folds.

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    Stylehome offers exceptional fabrics along with expertise based on years of experience.