Fabric: Camengo

A French producer of fabrics and wallpapers, Camengo shares its inspirations to make your interiors, living and unique places.

Free, the brand dares the patterns and revisits the currents, color is a common thread. Stylists, colorists, designers, photographers, all together the team at Camengo capture the spirit of the times, exchanges, shared experiences and creates.

The ethos at Camengo is to create “favorites that elevate eclecticism into a lifestyle”. The company pays particular attention in its choice of the quality of all of its fabrics including linens, silks, and taffetas. The upholstery fabrics meet the European norms currently in place for the catering and hotel trade. As they are produced, each fabric is quality controlled and checked, this being the final part of a strict high level of quality procedure on which Camengo prides itself.

This, combined with the fresh, colourful designs, makes Camengo one of the finest and most stylish contemporary fabric brands.
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