Lighting Design

Let there be… a plan!

Often overlooked at the design stage of a project, interior and exterior lighting can provide so much both in terms of function and appearance. It can also be difficult to correct, add or remove fittings at a later date. We would always recommend that a few hours are spent considering what you will need in terms of levels and positions of lighting in each room. It can be difficult to image exact requirements but this should not put you off the task – it will be time well spent and appreciated at the end of the project. You can often adapt a fitting to be brighter or dimmer by changing its bulb, but it is harder to do if the fitting just isn’t in the right position!

At Stylehome we have a broad knowledge of lighting systems which we combine with our own experience in order to be able to give valuable advice to our clients. A design can often be agreed to a large proportion just by working from plans, it can therefore pay to start this process as early as the plans are available – in order to be way ahead of your electrician when he starts to put pressure upon you for decisions!

Considering Lighting design should really not be looked upon as a necessary evil, it should rather be taken as a real opportunity to create function and effect to an equal degree.

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