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Since 1962 Ian Sanderson has been specialising in designing and producing fabrics and trimmings for residential and contact interiors.


Ian Sanderson has created a collection of woven and printed textiles, mostly manufactured in Europe, and believe the continual success of the company is in its ability to create an individual lifestyle look from their studio in West Berkshire,with the objective of remaining small, manageable and in tune with the customers needs.
Design director Helen Sanderson uses her creative training and knowledge to discover patterns, textures and colourations which inspire her to produce original designs. Some of this may originate from old documents or just items she finds interesting, which she develops into a collection.
The development process can take many months working with artisan weavers and printers to refine the designs before they are ready to be offered to clients.

Their product range includes a new range of soft checks and stripes in 100% organic cotton. Suitable for domestic upholstery use and loose covers these fabrics are washable and have a high light fastness.Ian’s son Julian now runs the show and he continues to ensure they combine their solid core of fabrics and new prints and textures with elements of vintage and retro.

Ian Sanderson have also launched a successful new range of leather trimmings and tiebacks and a collection of beautiful range of printed linings and a selection of metallic printed natural fabrics.


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The Ian Sanderson brand has a great reputation for quality and service.