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Authentic beauty from the south of Italy


AMURA as “amore”, as “solar eclipe” in Tahitian,or “wide smile” in Japanese. But above all: Amura is the Mediterranean warmth of the territory of its origin, Altamura, is the fragile and authentic beauty of the South, is the traditional craftmanship, with quality as a given. An ongoing research for natural materials, the ambition to create a perfect synthesis of form and function with its design, the obsessive attention of artisanal finishes in a technologically advanced context. These are the values in AMURA.

Not a simple brand, but a laboratory of research and experiments on shapes, design, trends and materials, with an incessant look at innovation that never abandons the foundations of the craft and of its origins. A project born out of the the talent and inspiration of Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell, who have gathered a team of researchers, creatives, artists, desingers to work on concepts, products and spaces, always focusing on the people who live and experience such spaces. A bone fide laboratory of talents, debuting at the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan with Lapis, the tip of the iceberg in an ambitious project, with a wide scope and inspiration, that will be fully unveiled at the beginnig of 2016.

Calmness is not simply a promise. Our sofas are comfortable, as you would expect. Each furniture piece in AMURA is designed to blend harmoniously with our senses. Beauty pleases the eye, everything else is designed to give the ultimate relaxing experience. That’s because we love designing for people, we focus on their desire to be surrounded by beauty and rewarded by comfort, by the warmth of homecoming; we think about their need to unwind in their nest, in that emotional and physical space, in that metaphorical and warm touch that’s unique to an AMURA sofa.


A quality borne out of know-how, from a tradition of craftsmanship, passed on from generation to generation. It means recognizing leather texture at the first touch, it involves a continuous search for new ideas, new materials and technology. It is innovative design; designed for people, before being designed for the homes people live in. It is the aesthetic quality of a hidden finish. It is the ripe fruit of history, tradition and the manufacturing ability of a company that’s strongly connected to its territory, the fruit of the values that have turned Made in Italy into the byword for quality, creativity and innovation, all over the world. It is the creative thinking, which gives life to each single new furniture element in the new Amura collection, that fuses Italian know-how and the potentiality of a glance beyond the boundaries of design.

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    It is the creative thinking, which gives life to each single new furniture element in the new Amura collection